365 days without shopping!

Let's be honest girls...we buy too many clothes. This year I have decided to put an end to my constant clothing consumption and re-invent, re-work and recycle my own wardrobe and the wardrobes around me. I will only wear clothes made by my own hands, exchanged / borrowed from a friend (or friendly stranger) or salvaged secondhand. And so starts my good fashion choices, even if I'm only making them for myself.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I hope I vwin!

Well, I've certainly never blogged about a project I haven't started before. But I was so excited I had to tell you all. I am making a ridiculously fabulous pencil skirt for the Tessuti / BurdaStyle competition to win fame, glory and perhaps a truckload of fabric. In my world fabric is a HUGE deal. I know I'm leaving it a little late as always (the deadline is April 2nd), but I needed to con my boyfriend into taking me to Surry Hills to get the fabric before I could get going on it. Did I mention I also have two assessment tasks due for uni and a few public holiday hours worth of pay to earn? Oh boy...stand by!

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