365 days without shopping!

Let's be honest girls...we buy too many clothes. This year I have decided to put an end to my constant clothing consumption and re-invent, re-work and recycle my own wardrobe and the wardrobes around me. I will only wear clothes made by my own hands, exchanged / borrowed from a friend (or friendly stranger) or salvaged secondhand. And so starts my good fashion choices, even if I'm only making them for myself.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Swap Till you Drop!

The first Sew Swap Salvage event 'What's Yours Is Mine' was a hit on Monday night with 20 women of all shapes and styles swapping there wardrobes away while raising $300 for Shirelive's annual REACH fundraiser! Here is what one discerning swapper had to say:
'Just wanted to say thanks again for putting together what turned out to be an awesome first clothes swap event. I really love my new black jeans and was thrilled that i found something to take home. It's funny - i was so sure that there was nothing there i'd like but as soon as i started looking for things for other people i found a couple of things i wanted!' - Vanessa (24)
Vanessa told me she'd been on the hunt for some jeans for a while and was willing to fork out heaps to find some that fitted. It just goes to show you; there is a relevant alternative to shopping.
I myself snapped up some gorgeous sundresses, a leopard scarf (which I literally haven't taken off since Monday) and a dinosaur designs style necklace. But my highlight by far was finding a 70s print skirt with a matching shawl that was a fellow swapper's, mother's going away outfit (from her wedding)!
That's what I love about swapping events, you get to hear the stories surrounding the clothes and see all your old pieces go to good homes (where they will be loved and not shoved in the back of a wardrobe).
Special thanks goes to Freddy Choo, marketing manager for the Salvos Stores who donated the clothes racks and Meylia from Bali-stick restaurant in Kensington, for doing the catering.


  1. This is so great Mills I'm so glad that this went well I NEED to come to the next one for sure !!!

  2. FOR SURE! I'm thinking of doing the next one in April ;) Maybe with a Welcome to winter feel? Or get rid of all your summer gear? I'd love to see you there! xx

  3. amelia are you rhyming everything you say now??