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Let's be honest girls...we buy too many clothes. This year I have decided to put an end to my constant clothing consumption and re-invent, re-work and recycle my own wardrobe and the wardrobes around me. I will only wear clothes made by my own hands, exchanged / borrowed from a friend (or friendly stranger) or salvaged secondhand. And so starts my good fashion choices, even if I'm only making them for myself.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Karina's Gorgeous Gold Skirt

     Well you were promised and who am I to keep you waiting. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to present to you....Karina and her gorgeous gold skirt!
Not only is she the first collaborator to the SSS project but she's sewing up the first SSS original, designed from scratch. Designing, pattern making and sewing it ourselves meant that we could tailor this skirt to suit Karina's shape and create a look that is totally her own.
Before you go complaining that you don't know how to pattern-make, let me tell you that after an hour of flat pattern making we had created, wait for it...a perfect rectangle! So clearly I don't know how to do it either.

We measured Karina's waist, hips and height before drawing up the pattern. We pondered, re-measured, consulted and worked out that the best shape for her was in fact a straight rectangle.
My advice to anyone starting to make their own pieces would be:
1) Start with something simple or modify a pattern you have already worked with.
2) Make it up in calico (or a cheap version of your final fabric), you can always make alterations once you've tried it on.
3) When you finally have it right unpick, lay it over your fabric and cut it out. Afterwards you'll have a calico pattern, custom-made for YOU.
4) Still not confident? Then find a friend (who hopefully knows what they are doing) or visit a sewing blog (like this one), where hopefully someone can give you a few pointers. Or there is usually sewing and pattern making classes at your local community college. If you live in Sydney check out Tessuti for quality lessons in the Surry Hills area.
Happy Sewing!
P.s Yes the belt shown in this post is the same one from the 'New York Sundress' and the 'Prairie Top' posts. As the title suggests I can't exactly go buy another one. So if anyone would like to donate a belt to the SSS cause, please let me know in the comment box below!  ;)

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